February 24, 2017

Stinky. Stinky PITA people.

Yesterday I googled my ex-Year 1 teacher when I was in primary school. Thought of catching up with primary school cikgus. I do not know.. it just happened that my memory with her, flashed-back quite number of times these two-three days. She taught me English. Nothing came up relevant, except there was this one blog post:
Seingat aku, aku pernah ditampar waktu aku darjah satu oleh Cikgu Norzzzztah. Aku sendiri serious shit tak paham apsal cikgu tu tampar aku. Apa dia ingat aku ni punching bag dia ke? Tapi itu memang buatkan aku takkan lupa nama cikgu tu. Dan sejak dari tu memang aku sembunyikan rasa kesakitan aku dari mummy dan papa.

'Ditampar'. (I have never been slapped by the cikgu, but yes, she left me with this bitter memory when she threw my exercise book. I was only seven 😞).

I was numb for few seconds & had this thought,
What will come out IF my children googled me? Yes, I have never slapped any child on his/her face. Never ever hit them with broom or force them to do something mean. But am afraid, if I have said something, that left scars inside them. However, if there is really a scar, I hope its a good scar wrapped in good memories. InsyaAllah.
I recalled my recent conversation with senior colleagues. She said, teachers nowadays are lack of passion to teach. Well some of them may teach well, but they did not mold the children to become insan. How can you expect the children to become human when the teacher him/herself is inhumane? Join teaching profession just for the sake of settling the monthly bills. Sadly, majority of these stinky cikgus are KPLIs or PISMPs.
When she said 'majority', well I couldn't deny that. These stinky (read: buat tahi) cikgus are really KPLIs and PISMPs. 😓
So to all stinky cikgus, could you please stop being PITA people. No, its not the delish pita bread for kebab. Its 'pain in the arse'. Thank you. Assalamualaikum.
- Rubi
ex-junior bank officer cum event coordinator who is now a primary school teacher. 
9years & counting, insyaAllah.

December 7, 2016


Its been a while since my last post. I don't know why today I have this urge to login to my blogger account and start ranting. Was assigned to teach Year 6 in February. What I had in hand was 100 failures. TOV less than 40marks. Please bear in mind, I was on hiatus mode from teaching for 2 1/2 years. Frankly, it was challenging. With the new format, the never-ending politics at workplace, to name a few. However, luckily, I have good group-support from seniors and dedicated teachers. 

Alhamdulillah, the children took the UPSR exam in September and yes, the result was released on 17th November 2016. Still not able to score 100% passing rate for both of the papers (BI Pemahaman & BI Penulisan) but I am grateful. One of my special education kid also pass one of my papers. He just joined the mainstream class January this year. I AM PROUD OF YOU, all my children.


Watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life last week and wonder, how can they look almost the same like 10 years back when I am start experiencing low-metabolisme mode last year. Hahaha.

In order to honour #TeamJess, am going to end this post with this quote:

"It's a crazy world we live in".

But its still beautiful at times, isn't it?

Rubi, 06000.

August 27, 2016

sayonara rubisensei.com

rubisensei.com is no longer renewed hence not available for viewing.
thank you for being with me for 2 years
:) sayonara rubisensei.com

August 10, 2016

on modesty & pride

'People You May Know' section at my FB Newsfeed suggesting woman in niqab to be added as my friend. Malay, niqab and heavy eyeshadowed is the profile pic.

I just don't get it. I thought niqab will promote modesty, apart from additional safety for woman. Then whats with the heavy make up?

We know the eyes is the biggest fitnah, if not the face. Then, why do you put all the effort to make people look (or stare) at you twice (or more) by applying the eyeshadowed, mascara whatnots when you cover your face?

To all Niqabis, beware of the thin line between MODESTY and PRIDE.

Just beware. Be careful.

To me, niqab acts as additional reminder.

Reminder to be good. Speak good. Do good. NOT because hijab is too 'mainstream'.. its because I'm just ordinary, weak person who in need of additional, constant reminder. It DOES NOT implying that I practice the religion more than the others. It DOES NOT implying that hey, I'm beautiful, I must cover my face. It DOES NOT implying that I am extremist whatsoever.

So please. Let us ALL renew (or correct) our intention. Be it Hijab, or Niqab.

Hijrah is not temporary. Its for eternity, inshaAllah. And requires consistency (istiqamah).


(35 years and counting, really?)

pic by other half on 31/5/2016 - Jungnang District (Korea 2.0 backpacking trip)