June 5, 2017


>> Banyak ke nak kena tanda kertas? Tak siap-siap lagi dah seminggu lebih ni.

Well, I need to mark 3 level (Year 4, 5, 6). Total number of students (42,36,32 = 110 students). We have 2 papers for each student. Paper 013 & 014. Pemahaman & Penulisan. For Pemahaman, the MCQs is only 20 questions, the rest are all subjective questions (the type of questions that you cannot use the template to mark). 3 social expression questions and approximately 12-14 subjective questions. Did I give you the number of students? Oh, yes, I did. So you multiply the questions by 110 ☺️. That's for Pemahaman.

Here's for Penulisan. We have 3 sections. Section A is basically information transfer, 5 questions. Need to check on the phrases. Not an essay-type of question. Multiply the 5 questions by 110 ☺️.

Now for Section B (i) we have 3 direct questions (just state/give answers - easy to mark, but still, multiply the 3 questions by 110 ☺️). Then Section B (ii) is where we have the emails/letters type of question. The children need to write 50-80words.

>>What if they exceed the number of word limit? 

Good question! They will be penalised. We need to  lower the band achieved, hence in order to make sure we didn't do injustice to the children, we need to count the number of words.  Yeayyy! Count the number of words, 110 answer scripts.

For Section C, they need to compose an essay, 80-100 words. The method is basically the same with Section B. And yes, there are 110 answer scripts.

So what if you have done with all the markings? Is that all? Well, no. You need to key in the marks online. Yes SAPS. And your SAPS (teacher's view) will be indicated as green (means work done).

>> What if you have done with the SAPS? 

The next step is, prepare the items analyses. This is where you deal with zeros and ones. Zero for each wrong answers and one for each correct answers. The number of questions are multiplied by the number of students.

So if you plan to brag about your SAPS indicator is already green, I would end my post with the hashtag, silajauhkandirisebelumkecederaanmenimpaanda

What is SAPS?

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